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See Consulting Package Deal (below).
Individual advice on:
  • Setting realistic goals.
  • Making a marketing plan.
  • Defining your book's audience--and how to go after it.
  • Working effectively with your agent, editor & inhouse publicity staff.
  • Deciding whether you need a freelance publicist--and if so, who.
  • Pitching yourself & your book to the media.
  • Seeking blurbs.
  • Web site.
  • Press materials.
Fee: $150/hour; we can work over the phone.
PACKAGE DEAL: 3 hours for $400; includes 32-page Publicity Handbook.

For authors of commercially published trade books, ideally 4-6 months before publication date.
Send email to inquire: bp101 (at) bookpromotion101.com. Scroll down to read endorsements.

*aka "Publishing Therapy"

Bella Stander is a rare find.

Motivated by a genuine love of books and authors, she is smart, intuitive, experienced and trustworthy. I didn’t have time to take her workshop, but as a new author feeling bewildered by the publishing process, I saw her ad in Publishers Marketplace and consulted with her on the phone. Boy, am I glad I did.

Who knew that there were people who specialize in designing great websites for authors? Bella did. She knew exactly who they were, and a whole lot more too. I’ve taken all the advice she’s given me, and will continue to do so. Call her and/or take her workshop. Then say, "Thank you."

I’d barely hung up from my first phone conversation with Bella before I’d begun recommending her to friends. Most of the best decisions I made regarding ways to promote my book came from speaking with her. She guided me to the right people, and helped me take the right path in choosing how to approach web design, publicity and wisely using resources.

My one-on-one with Bella gave me courage, facts, and a supporter whom I will turn to time and again. Don't launch without her.

Bella has eye-opening advice for writers facing the publicity and marketing maze that goes along with the publication of their books. In only two sessions I learned so much from her about what I needed to do in the months leading up to the release of my novel, and following her counsel to the letter yielded tremendous rewards. Many of the best changes I made to my website resulted from Bella's terrific suggestions.

Before I did anything about publicizing my book, I consulted Bella Stander. She saved me a bunch of money on things I thought I needed, which she felt I really didn't. Bella can advise you if you need a publicist and recommend good ones she thinks will fit with your book, as she did for me. She also recommended the designer for my kick-ass website. Finally, she even got me a blurb via her connections.

Once you become one of "her" authors, Bella kinda takes you under her wing. I've only formally consulted with her twice on the phone, but then she follows up with emails (no charge for any of that). I'll never forget after our first consult, when she emailed me a few weeks later with, "NU? What are you doing about blurbs?" Bella gave me several suggestions for authors to contact, and said she knew one of them and would ask him for me--also for no charge. Bella has immensely helped QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

    --  Doreen Orion (QUEEN OF THE ROAD: The True Tale of 47 States, 22,000 Miles, 200 Shoes, 2 Cats, 1 Poodle, a Husband, and a Bus with a Will of Its Own, Broadway Books)

Bella gave me a phone consult, and within a swift but focused hour, she told me how to make my website work as a promotional tool. I took copious notes, and was surprised after the fact that she had done the same; she emailed me a detailed list of our game plan.

I feel that now when people view my website, they will understand the passion that led me to write this novel, learn more about witchcraft issues (both medieval and modern-day) and feel like it was worth the visit. My site is exponentially more inviting, and hopefully a way to reach out to readers… and possibly keep them around for the next book. Thanks, Bella!

Bella Stander is passionate about helping authors market books. She came up with ideas I never would have considered: book-signings at nontraditional venues, targeting book clubs, deciding whether to use a publicist. Her can-do attitude is infectious, and I came away from our discussion feeling fired up about promoting my book. Getting a writer excited about book promotion -- that's like working magic.

    -- Kim Reid (NO PLACE SAFE: A Family Memoir, Kensington)

Bella Stander shared a wealth of experience helping me to organize and prioritize my publicity ideas. She helped me develop a plan to talk to my in-house publicist, which resulted in quality and continuing two-way communication; she helped put together the questions for my Author Q&A, which has been a huge draw on my website. And perhaps most important, she helped build my confidence in communicating with booksellers and other industry professionals.

Bella Stander worked with me by phone, one-on-one, when I was unable to attend her workshop. She helped me to change a cover that would have been a poor choice, and also gave me great tips on how to be a panelist at a book fair. Those are just two examples; there was much more. Bella has great advice, and my advice is: TAKE IT!

    -- Brenda Serotte (THE FORTUNE TELLER'S KISS: A Memoir, Univ. of Nebraska Press)

Bella gave me so many good ideas that my head was spinning. Plus I was brand-new, and she gave me the lowdown on many aspects of the publishing process -- some that I'd never even thought of. I think what I really got was confidence. I CAN DO THIS. Thanks, Bella.


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